Pet Food Dispensing Ball [High Quality]

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<<Help develop your pet's skills, while feeding>>

  • [High quality material ] ABS material, non-toxic, odor-free, durable and easy to wash, 100% safe for animals.

  • [IQ increase. The roller treatment ball allows the dog to overcome obstacles to obtain food.

  • [Reduce Bordom] The lower holes allow your pet to see and smell their favorite food and keep them interested in interacting with it. This reduces boredom and destructive behavior through healthy play and exercise while farming.

  • [Easy to clean] The interactive ball can be easily unscrewed to add food or snacks for easy cleaning. Rinse when necessary.

Measurement in CM
Length Width Height
A size 10 10 12
Measurement in inches
Length Width Height
A size 3.9 3.9 4.7


The size may have a little difference due to manual measurement.

Wide application

  • Dogs feel lonely at home, trash furniture manicure

  • Normal dog toys can't get your attention at all

  • The leaky hole of normal food ball is too big / small, you can't play with it at all

  • Fast feeding, easy to strangle and not digest


Delicious and fun / wear-resistant and anti-bite

Easy to use, gently pushing food dispenser


Relaxed training for easy operation - easy to operate and dogs can learn easily

  1. Open the lid and put dog deal inside

  2. Adjust the dial to choose Hole # 1 or Hole # 1. ° 2. You can also close both holes

  3. Toy starts from food

Adjustable Food Dispensing Hole Design: Different from other dog treatment toys on the market, you can adjust the size of two food dispensing holes according to your needs

Both holes are open / only one hole is open / both holes are closed