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Leathercraft Sewing Toolkit

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Great for a Variety of Fabrics

Sew everything from leather & denim to canvas or tarpaulin!

This can puncture holes in a diverse number of materials including those rugged, tough and thick ones that other needles can't. These are mostly used on heavy-duty tarps such as those found on farms and boats. Others use it on clothes and bags. Others still use it to perform their very own strap repairs at home!

Premium Material & Ergonomic Design

This is made of smooth hardwood & stainless steel for durability & ease! It is designed for easy & safe fabric punching that'll protect your fingers while providing support when handling workpieces.

Versatile Leathercrafting Tool

This sewing awl is the ideal tool for repairing and sewing tough canvas or leather items. 

With hardwood handle and steel needles, it's durable enough to mend jackets, belts, and straps. It also comes with 30 yards of heavy-duty polyester thread. This highly-versatile lockstitch sewing awl is also a handy tool for enlarging existing holes.

How to Thread

1. The thread is at the bottom of the handle on a spool. Pull out the end cap to access the bobbin. 

2. Gently pull to unwind enough thread to complete your project plus about 3" extra. You are pulling the end of the thread, which should be already inserted through the slot at the top of the handle and through the hole in the top of the ferrule. 

3. Wrap the thread around the tack on the handle one time. This will create tension while sewing.

4. Choose a needle and insert it into the threaded post. Push it in all the way until you feel it stop. Thread the needle. There's a groove at the top of the handle that acts as a thread guide.

5. Replace the chuck lock and screw it down to secure.