Hair Tattoo Trim Styling Engraving Pen Face

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How to use:
Step 1. Open the outer and inner cover of the pen, clean the blade with the fabric. Then fold the leaf in the shape of a 'U';
Step 2. The inner cover rotates the pen (tips: Do not tighten and maintain some distance). Then align the U-shaped blade with the tip of the pen;
Step 3. Gently insert the sheet and then place the sheet in a suitable position;
Step 4. Tighten the inner cover of the pen!

Color: silver
Material: Metal
Blade size: approx. 6.2x1cm(2.44x0.39in)
Razer Pen Size: Approx. 17.2x0.5 cm(6.77x0.20in)
Optional style: shaving pencil, B+ 10 blades shaving pencil, C shaving pen + 10 blades + tweezers
Quantity: 1 set