Electronic Motion Cat Toy

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Having a hard time on getting your cat out of your sight? Just turn this Electronic Motion Cat Toy on and it will keep your kitty occupied. Your cat will thank you forever for this amazing toy!

This smart interactive cat toy head is replaceable by any toys as well that your cat will love. The movement of the cat toy is random and unpredictable which stimulates the hunting instinct inside your indoor cats. Let your cats chase the ball around, have fun, and exerciseall at the same time. When the toy is triggered, it will be turned off automatically within 5 minutes or it can be turned off manually. Just clip it on any table or desktop surfaces for your cat to be able to play!


  • Durable and sturdy¬†‚Äď No matter how many movements your cat does, this smart interactive toy is very durable and long lasting. No need to worry of your kitty breaking it.
  • Strong clip¬†‚Äď The toy will not easily be removed once you clip it on the table or desktop surface. It grips strongly on whatever place you put it in.
  • High-quality¬†‚Äď Made with ABS plastic, this material has proven to be tough in any situations and non-toxic to your pet.
  • Automatic turn-off¬†‚Äď This feature allows you to save battery and will surely provide you the convenience of not wasting any penny for battery replace.
  • Interactive¬†‚Äď Keeps your cat busy and entertained so you can freely do your household chores.
  • Replaceable toy head¬†‚Äď Change any toys on the toy head so your kitty can enjoy whatever stuff they are playing with.¬†

Electronic Motion Cat Toy


  • Material:¬†ABS¬†
  • Load-bearing:¬†Rope¬†Load¬†10 kg
  • Applicable¬†to:¬†Cat
  • Weight:¬†About¬†102 g¬†(without¬†battery)
  • Battery size: Two AAA
  • Toy Dimension:
    • Ball¬†diameter¬†7 cm/ 2.76 inches
    • Suitable¬†for¬†1-3.5 cm / 0.39-1.38 inches¬†thick¬†desktop¬†


  • 1x¬†Electronic Motion Cat Toy