Electric Heat Therapy Shoulder Support®️

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Animated GIFWe know you need more than a shoulder stability brace to get you back on track. Our electrically heated Shoulder Injury Brace provides light, dynamic stabilization and broad compression support with heat support for the rotator cuff muscles.

 Electric Heat Therapy Adjustable Shoulder Brace Back Support Belt ...

by using our heated shoulder brace You'll get instant pain relief from common sports or gym injuries. injuries like Rotator cuff, Dislocated shoulder, AC joint injuries, Bursitis, Labrum Tear, Shoulder Pain, Sprain, Soreness, Tendinitis, Arthritis. 


Wear it to prevent re-injury and keep practicing the sports that you love! so it can be used as a normal shoulder brace with the added versatility of electric heating when needed (comes with AC wall connector). Our shoulder brace is designed to fit underneath your shirt with minimal visibility. You can wear it all day long comfortably.

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 SHOULDER PAIN RELIEF: Built-in heat therapy pad can warm your shoulder and promote blood circulation, then relieve pain caused by a frozen shoulder, torn rotator cuff, dislocated AC joint, sprain, bursitis, tendonitis, paralysis, strain, stiff, soreness. It could also help to relax the shoulder muscles and speed up healing time
ONE SIZE FITS MOST: Dual high-quality plastic loop design for two-way adjustment, fit both left or right shoulder for men and women. 
COMFORTABLE: Breathable and lightweight neoprene ease discomfort. Temperature regulating provides warmth yet still allowing air to circulate.

Main Features & Benefits


✔️ Instant Pain Relief 


✔️ Electric heated functionality


✔️ All Day Long Comfortability 


✔️ Easily Adjustable 


✔️ Made From Top Quality Lightweight Material 

Package Includes:
. 1 x Electric Heat Therapy Shoulder Support®️
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