Dog Water Fountain

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Simple and easy to use for dogs of all sizes! First he'll
step on the pedal, just to see the water shooting up!
Then he'll stick his nose in, and quickly learn he can stay
cool and hydrated by activating the fresh water flow.
Added bonus--You no longer have to worry about your
dog's boredom or keeping him from chewing on things
he shouldn't be, you can sit back, relax and enjoy your

The Dog Water Fountain is made of hardened steel, to
withstand large dogs' weight on it. Yet it takes only 2
pounds of pressure to activate, so it's fun for smaller
pups, too!

Not only functional, it's also a hilarious toy for them to
play with--you can see how much fun the dogs in our
videos are having!

Material: Heavy-Gauge Steel
Size: 10"" D x 9.25"" W x 2.75"" H
Hose Length: 41"