2-in-1 Desktop Beverage Cooler Smart Cup®️

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Animated GIFThe food grade aluminum cup has good refrigeration conduction effect, can cool down the beverage, beer and other liquids, and can also be used as a juice cooking cup, a tea cup and a travel cup.

This is a home car 2-in-1 refrigerating cup, unique and compact design, perfect for rapid cooling, so that you can feel the cool taste anytime, anywhere in the hot summer.

2-in-1 Desktop Beverage Cooler Smart Cup
✔️Easy to operate, just put the beverages that needed to be cooled in the aluminum cup turn on the power switch.
✔️Portable and practical, suitable for homeofficecar etc.

2-in-1 Desktop Beverage Cooler Smart Cup


  • Type: Beverage Cooler
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Power Supply Voltage: DC-12V/5A
  • Capacity: 380ml
  • Application: Beer, Beverage, Juice, Yogurt, Coffee, etc.
  • Features: 2 in 1, Easy to Operate, Practical, Portable
  • Size: 11.5cm x 11.5cm x 6.8cm/4.53" x 4.53" x 2.68" (Approx.)

Package Includes:
. 1 x 2-in-1 Desktop Beverage Cooler Smart Cup®️
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